Place of Rest

Bush fire is one of the devastating impacts of Climate Change. Humans and animals lose their lives and habitats. Climate Change interventions are targeted at humans. What about the innocent and confused animals or does Climate Change not affect them too? Who will speak for them? This is a Climate Change Advocacy and Sensitization story.

Happy New Year

A big thank you to the 1,474 individuals that read my stories. I appreciate you all. May your dreams for 2020 come true. Doshelles is 2 months old.

Grass and Rain

I remember the day I decided to clean my wedding gown. It was my 1st wedding anniversary. I was on Cloud Nine, cruising on memory lane. Remembering the fun events of the day: our nuptial dance, the father-daughter dance, you name it! In remembrance of that beautiful day, I took my wedding gown out of … Continue reading Grass and Rain

The Search

Upon my graduation from the university, I was excited and ready to take the job market by storm. Like most recent graduates, I jumped on the 'job search train', calling only four (4) cities in Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt and Uyo.Eventually, my train terminated in Lagos because I thought the city had more job opportunities. … Continue reading The Search

The Quiet and Reserved Ones

As an undergraduate, I wasn't the boldest or the most eloquent in class. However, I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the quality of studenship in the department. So there came the decision to run for one of the supporting leadership positions in the department's students' association. When I indicated interest to … Continue reading The Quiet and Reserved Ones

A French Doll

A French Doll by Ngozi Dorcas Awa

It's 6pmThe sun has setWe are set to welcome the three. Two French ExpatsUncle Elo making them threeThree geologists to arrive within the hour. Uncle Elo had phonedBoastfully he announced 'my prospecting license is here, see you in a fortnight!' Mommy is over the moonLike the sun, her brother has risen in ranks, her excitement … Continue reading A French Doll


At the beginning of the new year, we came before you. 🙏On bended knees, we dropped our dreams and aspirations for the year at your feet. 😕Though the year began with alot of uncertainties, our hopes for a good harvest were not crushed. Now the harvest is here, our baskets over flow. We prayed and … Continue reading Thanksgiving

I am Healed

I stayed awake all night, flipping through the eBook. Page by page. Each page told my story. Each chapter written by me. My Hopes, My regrets, My thoughts, My experiences, you stole them all and passed them off as your own. You stole my book, my brainchild. I confronted you. Side by side, I placed … Continue reading I am Healed

Bird Watchers

At 25, it is believed that you have lived a quarter of your life span. You are a quarter centurion, well done! If you are a man, congratulations!, your life just started. If you are a woman, brace yourself, you just inherited a ton of "bird watchers". 😕 A bird you have become. Figuratively, you … Continue reading Bird Watchers