Coffee Beans

He woke up to the smell of coffee Tingling aroma gliding into his nostrils...

Place of Rest

Bush fire is one of the devastating impacts of Climate Change. Humans and animals lose their lives and habitats. Climate Change interventions are targeted at humans. What about the innocent and confused animals or does Climate Change not affect them too? Who will speak for them? This is a Climate Change Advocacy and Sensitization story.


Mike Ezra lay on the Sandy-Brown center rug in his living room. Resting his head on a throw pillow with brightly coloured thin circles. The center rug had 6 evenly shaped square designs on it. The squares lay vertically in 2 columns. 3 squares in each column. Each square outlined in a coffee brown colour. … Continue reading Sandy-Brown

How new is the New Year?

Whizzing whistles…Bang! Bang! An explosion of coloured lights into the night sky...

Happy New Year

A big thank you to the 1,474 individuals that read my stories. I appreciate you all. May your dreams for 2020 come true. Doshelles is 2 months old.


The Christmas season fills you with the feeling of nostalgia. You remember going Christmas caroling with other kids of the neighborhood. You sang Christmas songs at the top of your tiny voices. Sometimes, the neighborhood stray dogs gave you all a chase for disturbing the peace … haha. Waking up on Christmas day, you raced … Continue reading #Christmas

Hey New Mum!, Do You Dread Immunization?

This one is for new mums. It was originally written 2 years ago. On that cool morning, my brave little princess got her Measles 1 and Yellow fever immunization. The little human received one shot of each on her arms. She wailed as any baby would. A new mum would tell you how an uncomfortable … Continue reading Hey New Mum!, Do You Dread Immunization?

Grass and Rain

I remember the day I decided to clean my wedding gown. It was my 1st wedding anniversary. I was on Cloud Nine, cruising on memory lane. Remembering the fun events of the day: our nuptial dance, the father-daughter dance, you name it! In remembrance of that beautiful day, I took my wedding gown out of … Continue reading Grass and Rain

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows have become a companion in our journey on earth. When we are having that nerve wracking conversation that leaves us sweaty in an air-conditioned room, we cuddle you. We place you on our lap: caressing and outlining your designs with our shaky fingers. In a bit to dissipate nervousness. To our mothers, you … Continue reading Throw Pillows