The Search

Upon my graduation from the university, I was excited and ready to take the job market by storm. Like most recent graduates, I jumped on the ‘job search train’, calling only four (4) cities in Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt and Uyo.
Eventually, my train terminated in Lagos because I thought the city had more job opportunities. My target was to land a job in one of the blue-chip multinational companies there.

My job search in Lagos, Nigeria’s business capital was not as smooth as I had anticipated. I was disappointed by the tons of rejections I received. Everyone had told me that I would be offered a job on a platter because I had just returned from abroad with an MA in Strategic Marketing. This was a classic example of ‘the false sense of arrival’ syndrome staring me in the face. So I cut my losses and prepared to return home.

A few days to my departure, I received an interview invite for a job I didn’t apply for. Now that is the power of networking and maintaining good relationships.

Boom! I got a job as Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager in a small startup. It wasn’t my ideal company but it turned out to be a blessing.

The company trained and put me in charge of an enterprise software worth millions of Naira.

More so, my writing and photography skills improved as it was part of my job description to create content for the company’s website, social media platforms and off-line media.

Still in her service, I made my first debut in a national daily and a magazine. This appearance further sharpened my understanding of brand management and image building.

I could go on and on, narrating the company’s inestimable role in fine-tuning the writer and communicator in me, but that is not the aim of this write-up, by the way.

When you commence your search for a job, go beyond the physical. Pay more attention to the intellectual resources of the company. It is rewarding to work in a place that will build and prepare you for greater opportunities.

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9 thoughts on “The Search

  1. Amazing write-up… really amazing. Although it laid more emphasis on “your story”. I would recommend focusing more on how job seekers can be encouraged to face what’s ahead of them: The rejections, starting small, not finding satisfaction In a certain job and how to deal with it, when to know it’s time to switch jobs, how to build a career, etc.

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  2. Nice story, Ngozi. I had a tough time while looking for jobs in the HR field. At a time, it seemed there was nothing but recruitment jobs available. But a chance conversation with my brother introduced me to Instructional Design, which is a mix of HR, Content Writing, Education, Psychology and Art–a perfect fit.

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    1. Wow, that’s my kind of job. I enjoy teaching. If I eventually decide to get a PhD, I’d enjoy teaching university students. I also love Psychology: Consumer behaviour in Marketing is my favorite field of study. 😀 Creativity comes naturally to me, need I say more😊? A perfect fit for you and me. We seem to have something in common, besides blogging and motherhood.

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