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Coffee Beans

He woke up to the smell of coffee Tingling aroma gliding into his nostrils...

14 Red Roses

Ding, Dong goes the doorbell The breezy fragrance of red roses fills my head...

Place of Rest

Bush fire is one of the devastating impacts of Climate Change. Humans and animals lose their lives and habitats. Climate Change interventions are targeted at humans. What about the innocent and confused animals or does Climate Change not affect them too? Who will speak for them? This is a Climate Change Advocacy and Sensitization story.


Mike Ezra lay on the Sandy-Brown center rug in his living room. Resting his head on a throw pillow with brightly coloured thin circles. The center rug had 6 evenly shaped square designs on it. The squares lay vertically in 2 columns. 3 squares in each column. Each square outlined in a coffee brown colour. … Continue reading Sandy-Brown